About RE/MAX Paraguay, your property and real estate real estate agent

Personalized Service

The RE/MAX Agent offers the best service and attention to sell or buy a property in the way that the client wants.

Using the RE/MAX procedures in all phases of the business, the client will receive personalized attention with all the support and dedication of our associated brokers. The RE/MAX Agents seeks to understand and meet the needs and desires of each client.


RE/MAX Agents use effective marketing techniques to sell their property. From the simplest tips to suggest big changes to present your property in the best way. A marketing plan will be tailored to each client.

All properties captured by RE/MAX are automatically listed on a worldwide network, which integrates with more than 127,000 RE/MAX agents worldwide.

This incredible tool is responsible for making RE / MAX the largest real estate sales machine in the world.

Training and Training

Through RE/MAX University, with training programs and training for brokers, the company manages to meet, with quality, the expectation of customers. Thus, RE/MAX maintains its efficient way of working, anticipating new market trends and the adoption of new technologies

This is why RE/MAX encourages its associated agents to always update their knowledge to be in tune with the clients and the changing market.

Customer Satisfaction

Approximately 70% of RE / MAX customers repeat business and recommend the company to other customers, which proves the high quality of our services.

World Networking

The market knowledge of local agents is complemented by a network of more than 127,000 associated agents in & nbsp; more & nbsp; from 110 countries.

Where do you want stay?, in Paraguay or abroad, RE/MAX helps you find the property of your dreams, because the RE/MAX property list has permanently more than 500 million customers in more than 30 languages